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Set Up Your Unit’s PT Shirt

At Lombarddesign.com, all unit PT shirt prices are set at flat rates and we will maintain stock of all your current, official shirts to the best of our abilities. In order to have your unit PT shirt listed, you must submit the design or concept along with the set up fee (if applicable). You may submit the design through chat, email, or text message.

- Official Brigade and Battalion Design setup and listing is FREE!*

- Company/Battery/Platoon/Section/Team setup and listing is a one-time fee of $349.99.**

*Free set up for Brigade or Battalion PT Shirt design is limited to 1 Design per 12 months. Otherwise, the standard $349.99 fee will apply.

**Platoon/Section/Team shirts are limited to one color ink only. The same color ink must be used on the entire shirt e.g. black ink on a coyote brown shirt or white ink on a black shirt.

Without special approval, an increase in the per shirt price for your design, and an increase of the setup fee, all shirts are restricted to a maximum of two print locations (which in most scenarios would exclude sleeve prints.)

To submit and then to complete the listing of a new PT shirt design one must have approval from unit hierarchy. Before Lombard Design stocks a new shirt design, it must receive an email from personnel authorized to speak for said hierarchy with approval of the new design and listing.

At this time ONLY FORT CAMPBELL PT SHIRTS will be offered the free and $349.00 setup fees (contact for more details.)

Other restrictions may apply.